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2021, Issue 1

1. Role of nuclear medicine SPECT-CT methods in the diagnosis of Urinary Tract Urothelial Cell Cancer (S. Sergieva, A. Fakirova, B. Ilcheva, M. Dimcheva, R. Mangaldgiev, O. Gatsev, K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

2. Clinical Application of SPECT-CT Imaging with 99mTc-PSMA in patients with Recurrent Prostate Cancer (S. Sergieva, R. Mangaldgiev, M. Dimcheva, V. Parvanova, K. Nedev, Z. Zahariev, B. Robev, O. Gatsev, K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

3. Percutaneous nephrolithotomy in patients with chronic kidney disease (K. Petkova, S.Hristoforov, P. Petrov, O. Gatsev, I. Saltirov)

4. Compаrative study: Efficacy and safety of MRI / ultrasound transperineal vs systematic transrectal prostate biopsy in patients with previous negative TRUS biopsy (S.Hristoforov, O.Gatsev, P.Petrov, K.Petkova, I.Saltirov)

5. Outcomes of retrograde intrarenal surgery in elderly patients (P. Petrov, S. Hristoforov, O. Gatsev, K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

6. Minimally invasive ileostomy as treatment procedure in anastomotic leak management, after elective surgery for rectal carcinoma (Ts. Paycheva, V. Kyosev, M. Lazarov, P. Ivanov, V. Mutafchiyski)

7. Postoperative Morbidity and Mortality in Patients with Perioperative SARS CoV 2 Infection – a Cohort Study (Ts. Lukanova, I. Takorov, D. Vylcheva, S. Arnaudov, S. Simeonovski, D. Dimitrov)

8. Refractive results after cataract surgery in patients calculated with Barrett Universal II formula (Т. Kirova, A. Kalaydzhiev, L. Voynov)