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2018, Issue 2

1. Predictors for postoperative complications following percutaneous nephrolithotomy (K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

2. Comparative study of miniaturized percutaneous nephrolithotomy with standard and modified aspiration sheath (O. Gatsev, S. Hristoforov, P. Petrov, D. Petrova, K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

3. Safety and efficacy of ureteroscopy for the treatment of large impacted proximal ureteral stones (P. Petrov, S. Hristoforov, O. Gatsev, K. Petkova, D. Petrova, I. Saltirov)

4. Comparative study of emergency versus elective ureteroscopy in patients with obstruction due to ureteral stones (S. Hristoforov, O. Gatsev, P. Petrov, Kr. Petkova, D. Petrova, I. Saltirov)

5. Retrograde intrarenal surgery with single-use flexible ureteroscope – initial experience (K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

6. Hypocitraturia and recurrence prevention with potassium citrate therapy in calcium oxalate stone formers. (D. Petrova, K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

7. Refractive errors related to the choice of IOL power calculation formula in cataract patient (G. Popova, L. Voynov)

8. Reflex anuria as an early postoperative complication in a patient with atypical endometrial hyperplasia (S. Kovachev, A. Ganovska, E. Chuprina)

9. Giant endometrial polyp in a postmenopausal woman (A.Ganovska, S. Kovachev)

10. Adenocarcinoma of the appendix – clinical case and review of the literature (V.Mihaylov, T.Trichkov, N.Vladov)