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2023, issue 1

1. Future Perspectives: A Literature Review of the Urologist’s New Potential Tool – Artificial Intelligence (K. Krastev, N. Tsvetkov, N. Stoyanov, K. Ibrahimov, K. Davidov)

2. Complications after TaTME in rectal cancer surgery (D. Penchev, P. Ivanov, G. Popivanov, V. Mutafchiyski)

3. Clinical application of 99mTc-DTPA dynamic renal scintigraphy with consequent SPECT/CT imaging in patients with different nephrological conditions (T. Sofiyanski, S. Sergieva, M. Dimcheva, O. Gatsev, I. Saltirov)

4. Efficacy and safety of retrograde laser endopyelotomy in the treatment of strictures of the pyeloureteral segment (K.Hristov, K. Petkova, D. Petrova, P. Petrov, O. Gatsev, V. Todorova, I. Saltirov)

5. Histopathological results after MRТ/US fusion guided biopsy of prostate lesions classified as PIRADS 3 (V. Todorova, O. Gatsev, P. Petrov, K. Hristov, K. Petkova, I. Saltirov)

6. Clinical Performance of Extended Depth of Focus (EDOF) Intraocular Lenses – preliminary results (Т. Kirova, A. Kalaydzhiev, L. Voynov, G. Yordanov)

7. Sources of refractive errors in calculating the optical power of intraocular lenses in the treatment of cataract patients (Т. Kirova, A. Kalaydzhiev, L. Voynov, G. Yordanov)

8. Uncomplicated bacterial uroinfections: aetiological structure and antimicrobial susceptibility of bacterial isolates (I. Gergova, D. Petrova, O. Gatsev, I. Saltirov)